I guess you are here because your child has started to play Minecraft and you don't understand the lingo? Or has your child has been playing Minecraft for a while but you just blag the conversations because you just don't understand it! How about if I told you that you are not alone because most of the parents in the UK are in the same position unless they play it themselves. It is so much easier to zone out when your child mentions Minecraft than it is to listen because it is very confusing.  Worry no longer though because this post will help you start to understand Minecraft.

Some children who love Minecraft wearing Minecraft style boxes on their head
Children love Minecraft, but it can be confusing for adults to understand

A Parent's Guide To Understanding Minecraft

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a hugely popular computer game which can be played on games consoles. In Minecraft players explore a world and can build structures and (if they choose) battle mobs either on their own or with a team. Children under 12 need to have parents permission to play, but once children are old enough to understand how to play, around 6, they should be ok.

Minecraft Maps

When your child plays Minecraft, they get to choose a map to play with. there are different maps for Minecraft players to play, these are:

Survival maps where the player has to start the game from scratch and has to build a home, find food to survive and build a community.

Adventure maps are for the players that want to follow a story and complete quests to reach new goals

Parkour maps are for players who want to navigate obstacle courses and it usually involves lots of jumping.

The Nether

The Nether is a completely different part of the Minecraft game, there is no lush greenery, no animals to feed and milk. Instead, it is a place of darkness, lava and lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. It is built out of netherrack, a red stone substance that's flammable and burns forever if you don't extinguish it. BUT don't worry, because your child will not accidentally come across it, they need to build a portal to take them there.

Blaze Rods come from blazes and the players make potions with them.

Nether Portal is what you need to access the Nether.

Ghast Tear are dropped by Ghasts and your child uses them for making potions

Glowstone helps you in the darkness of the Nether, using a pickaxe

Glowstone Dust can be used for brewing potions. it is collected by using a pickaxe.

Netherrack is the main block in The Nether that you mine with a pickaxe. It’s flammable so it's easier to have a fire too.

Nether Wart is an ingredient for making potions.

Soul Sandmis a dirt block that you can find in the Nether; it helps to make mobs move slower.

Crafting Tools

When your child plays Minecraft, they need to make things to get by in their world. If they want a house, they need to mine some grass to make a hut, then mine some trees to make a crafting table. This then helps to make a sword to protect you, and a pickaxe to mine stone. You then craft things from stone, to make a better home. It is quite awesome that kids can do this in a game but asking them to do something in real life is such a mission!

So here is a list of the tools that they might need to use.

The Shovel is used to dig up the snow, which can end up with snowballs if they use the shovel on a snow block.dirt, sand, gravel and clay

Fishing Rods are not only for fishing but also for pulling things in that are too far away for you to reach.

Anvils are used to repair items in the game.

Axes/ Pickaxes are used to chop wood and mine for all the other things that the player needs like stone and ore. Diamond Pickaxes are the strongest pickaxes available.

The Bucket is used for carrying water and also for milking your cow for something to drink.

A Furnace is an oven that it crafted to be able to cook their dinner.

An Ingot is the result of ore being smelted in the game.

The Chest is where they store all of their things in the game. They need a chest to keep everything safe.

Flint and Steel are used to make fires in their Minecraft world.

A Hoe is used to grow your seeds and food.

Shears are used for shearing sheep to get the wool that your child needs to make their house more comfortable.

Food in Minecraft

Of course, as in real life your child will need to find food to survive. So here is a list of food that is either found or made in their game.

Fruit and Vegetable

Apples are all over the place in trees and villages and are easy to find. But mushrooms can be found in swamps and forests. Whereas beetroot, pumpkins, melon, and potatoes are grown in the garden. Carrots are dropped by zombies and can be made into golden carrots.

Meat and Eggs

Meat comes from the animals that you find in the game, cows give you beef. Sheep give you mutton and pigs give you pork. Chickens give you the eggs that you need for cooking

Cooking Food

Your child can make all sorts of food as they play the game, from ingredients they collect or grow along the way. The cake is made from sugar, milk, eggs, and wheat. Bread is made from wheat. Cookies are made from wheat and cocoa beans (cocoa beans are found in the jungle). Pumpkin pie is made from pumpkins, eggs, and sugar.

So now that you know some of the Minecraft lingo and what happens in the game, maybe you can pretend to understand the game a bit more?

Post by Vicky, Mum of 4