Look around at TV and social media and you can see lots of examples of amazing parenting. At times it can make your own efforts feel insufficient, that you aren’t good enough, but you are. If you care enough to worry if you are a good parent then you are doing a good job.

The truth is we rarely see the full reality of other peoples parenting. We see the glossy bits, the bits people show in public, but behind closed doors? That’s often a secret.

A person holding a book called "Parenting"
Do you ever wonder how you can be a good parent?

If you are still worried you aren't a good parent...

It is normal for parents to:

  • get annoyed with their children
  • want a break
  • not know what to do in every situation
  • need help at times

It is normal for children to (at times):

  • ignore their parents
  • throw tantrums
  • say they hate their parents
  • push boundaries

None of these mean you are a bad parent. 

If you are unsure what to do:

Trust your gut - when advice doesn’t feel right then it’s probably isn't right for your family.

Be informed - when approaching something new it’s good to find out different approaches: ask friends, ask family, ask Google. Take all that information in, check the facts and then? Trust your gut.

If you are feeling like you have had a particularly bad parenting day try these 2 steps to reconnect:

Take a 5 minute break (if you can) to breathe and reset.

Spend 5 minutes totally focused on your child/children: look at them, make eye contact, show interest in what they are doing. Without interruption spend 5 minutes following their lead.

Post by Kate, mum of 3